resource is a one-day-a-week course, over three 10 week terms,

for those wanting to deepen their understanding of the Bible and be equipped to teach in today’s world.

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'I have loved studying the Bible more deeply as well as learning about more general issues such as World Mission, Islam, Evangelism, Managing Anxiety, Church Leadership, Church Doctrine and Discipleship.'

“A really enjoyable course that brings a condensed blend of practical Christian Biblical insight, and applying it effectively (using various Christian teaching tools), when embracing the complex issues of today’s secular society.” 


"Resource has helped me develop further in my knowledge of The Bible and the character of Christ. The sessions can be as engaging as you want and the teaching is very applicable to us."


‘What an amazing privilege to spend time each week immersed in God’s Word and in fellowship…  My faith in a God who always fulfils His promises and always sustains has been very much deepened and strengthened through this course.’


‘This is an unmissable resource and opportunity for anyone considering ministry or those already involved in different aspects of church life.’

‘I am encouraged to see the development of this new programme in order to train, equip and send more gospel workers into the harvest field. Whilst there are a number of good training programmes available, it is exciting to see one that is affordable, accessible, and available to all.’
Pastor Jonathan Thomas


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